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Name Age Occupation Description
Bridgette 31 Professional surfer, animal rescuer Bridgette is quite the busy woman now that her Total Drama contract expired. A part-time member of the Canadian Animal Rescue Team and a professional surfer, Bridgette's easygoing and down-to-earth attitude has gained her the admiration of her local community.

One of the few pairings to survive the drama of the show, Bridgette and Geoff are now happily married with two spritely children. After Chris McLean is released from prison and Total Drama is renewed for one final season, Bridgette and Geoff suddenly find themselves swept up into a new adventure and reunited with old friends.

Trent 31 Traveling guitarist Following the cancellation of Total Drama, Trent split from the Drama Brothers and began touring the country as a solo act with his trusty guitar. Although he initially kept in touch with Gwen, the two have since drifted apart from each other. On the road, Trent catches the eye of many women - in his mind, however, none can match the steely elegance of his first love.

Fifteen years after Total Drama Island, Trent has moved on, channeling all of his focus and passion into his work. After being pulled back into the show for one final season, how will Trent navigate the dangerous waters of his past?

Courtney 31 Lawyer Fifteen years after Total Drama Island, Courtney is just as highly strong as ever. Luckily for her, this "my way or the highway" attitude has led to abundant success in her career as a lawyer. As a lawyer, Courtney represents those cheated and abused by game shows and reality television networks across the country.

Before his release from prison, Courtney serves on the prosecution team during Chris McLean's trial. Now, a new season of Total Drama has been greenlit, and the resurfacing of an all-too-familiar delinquent threatens to stir up some trouble in Courtney's comfortable post-drama life.

Duncan 31 Repair shop owner Although Duncan has largely moved on from his delinquent lifestyle, he is still the troublemaker we know and love. Fifteen years after Total Drama Island, Duncan lives a simple life as the owner of a small vehicle repair shop in Ontario.

Duncan's new life is up-ended, however, after Total Drama is renewed for one final season. Duncan agrees to join the cast of returning players to pay off a few debts, completely unaware of the last-minute inclusion of his old rival-turned-lover, Courtney. Although Courtney is less than thrilled to be reunited with him, Duncan sees an opportunity to restoke the fire of their romance.

Gwen 31 Artist Following the end of Total Drama, Gwen followed her dreams and began hosting art galleries all around the country, donating the obtained proceeds to animal protection and environmental charities all around the world.

Fifteen years after Total Drama Island, the series is renewed for one final season. Like many of the other returning cast members, Gwen is tricked into consenting to participate in this new competition. Surrounded by old friends and enemies, Gwen's situation quickly becomes uncomfortable after she is reunited with her teenage crush: Trent.

Owen 31 The face of "Choco-Treats" After traveling the world as a professional duo alongside his best friend and colleague, Noah, and competing in a number of popular reality TV shows, Owen eventually earned enough cash to retire. However, after quickly losing his fortune thanks to his excessive eating habits (that, and the purchase of a cheesecake factory for his family), Owen finally agreed to become the face of "Choco-Treats Candy Bars", starring in a multitude of commercials.

Fifteen years after Total Drama Island, Owen agrees to return to the show for one final season, where he is reunited with a few old friends.

Eva 31 Personal trainer Eva has come a very long way since enrolling in anger management classes after her time on Total Drama Island. After the show was cancelled, Eva began to reinvent herself as a world-class heavyweight lifter and a personal life coach and trainer.

Although she still occasionally has angry outbursts, Eva has grown into a much more level-headed person. After being drafted back into the show that started her career for one final season, will Eva finally have her chance to shine? Only time will tell...

Alejandro 31 Actor Despite losing out on the million-dollar prize during Total Drama World Tour's fiery finale, Alejandro has led quite the successful career in the film industry. However, following an unpleasant break-up with his past flame and fellow competitor, Heather, Alejandro has not quite been the same.

Fifteen years later, Alejandro is just as cunning and charming as he was during his time on Total Drama, and as ready to win the big prize. Nothing can break his focus... except maybe some old friends that would not be opposed to some good old-fashioned comeuppance.

Heather 31 Fashion blogger Heather has come a long way since Total Drama Island, where she quickly earned quite the reputation as both a master strategist and villainess.

Fifteen years later, Heather makes her triumphant return to the show that started it all. Although she appears to have finally made amends for her villainous ways, the old Heather still lurks beneath the surface, ready to pounce.

In this new season, she will have to come face-to-face not only with herself, but also with those that she has hurt, like her old flame, Alejandro. Has she truly moved on? Only time will tell.

Cody 31 Accountant Having undergone perhaps the most dramatic transformation in the fifteen years since Total Drama Island, Cody reluctantly agrees to come back to the show after encouragement from his closest friend and partner, Sierra.

After losing out on the million-dollar prize in Total Drama World Tour, Cody hired a personal life coach and began to turn his life around for the better. Now working as an accountant for a reasonably sized financial firm, Cody lives a comfortable life with Sierra. Although their relationship may be a strange one, their mutual respect for each other has turned into a special bond.

Will Cody finally have the chance to prove himself as a worthy competitor?

Leshawna 31 Dance therapist Fifteen years after Total Drama Island, Leshawna is just as radiant as ever. After making a good amount of money from her reality show called "Dance Zone with Leshawna and Harold", Leshawna was able to move out of the projects and found her own dance studio in New York City.

Now, Total Drama has been renewed for one final season, and Leshawna is once again thrown into the ring with both old friends and enemies to square down with. Will she come out on top and earn the crown she so rightfully deserves?

Geoff 31 Stay-at-home dad Happily married to Bridgette and living life to the fullest, Geoff has fully devoted himself to the dad lifestyle. With two lively kids to look after, no day is ever uneventful. Although he still has an incredibly chill attitude for a dad of two, fatherhood has molded Geoff into a man of many responsibilities.

Fifteen years after Total Drama Island, Chris McLean is released from prison, and Geoff and Bridgette are drawn into the competition for one final season. Will their relationship survive yet another drama-filled adventure?